What is java and history of java

What is java and history of java

What is java and history of java
What is java and history of java

Java Programming Language is used to run Web Application, Program or Software.Looks like you may not have understood it completely and now you have this question revolving in your mind that Java Programming Language let's know in a little detail that… Java Programming Language

What is Java Programming?

Friends, do you also want to learn Java?… So in the first detail, it is important to know that Java Programming.Java Programming Language is both a General Purpose High Level Computer Programming Language and Computing Platform.It provides such a platform to the application developer by writing a bar code that can be run anywhere (Write Once, Run Anywhere).Which means Compiled Java Code can be run on all the platforms that Java supports without recompile.You must also have noticed that if you run some web application, program or software on your computer, the message comes Java Not Installed.This is because there are so many applications and websites that are built in Java that they cannot run without installing Java.

Friends, there are many people who think that just like everything has a full form today, Java Full Form will also be necessary, but for your information, let us tell that there is no full form of Java. , Java is a High Level Computer Programming Language. Java Programming Language is everywhere from your Laptops, Computers to Data-centers, Game Consoles to Scientific Supercomputers and Cell Phones to Internet.

Now you must have understood what Java means.

Who discovered java?Have you ever wondered who made Programming Language so good?If you do not know who is behind making Java Programming, then know further.So this is… JAVA INVENTOR - “JAMES GOSLING”

Java was introduced in June 1991 as a project named "Oak" by "James Gosling". Java's first Public Implementation was Java 1.0 in 1995.

The aim of which was "Write Once, Run Anywhere" on the popular platform. Some Major Web Browsers soon added it to their Standard Configuration as a secure "Applet" configuration.

So it was Java Developer who introduced you to this great Programming Language.

Right now you are using Java, but have you ever thought when and how it was started?

After knowing about Java Inventor, we will know what is the history of Java, how did Java get started?

history of java

History of java is not very old, Java is a programming language, developed in 1995 by a company called Sun Microsystems.

Java was started by James Gosling along with his fellow Computer Scientist friends, Sun Microsystems planned to have Operating System Built Up with the C ++ language to run the project, but James Gosling was not satisfied with the C ++ programming language .

So James Gosling decided that he would create a programming language of his own, then he created a programming language of his own called Oak, which he named after his office window tree (Oak) .

Oak was based on the Syntax C ++ language, but Oak was a simpler, more stable and better Network Supportive programming language than C ++. Then the name of Oak language was changed to Java in 1995.

History of java version

Version                  Release Date
Jdk Beta                   1995
Jdk 1.0                   23 January 1996
Jdk 1.1                      19 February 1997
J2SE 1.2                  8 December 1998
J2SE 1.3                   8 May 2000
J2SE 1.4              6 February 2002
J2SE 5.0                  30 September 2004
Java SE 6          11 December 2006
Java SE 7           7 July 2011
Java SE 8          18 March 2014
Java SE 9           9 August 2017
Java SE 10         20 March 2018
Java SE 11         25 September 2018
Java SE 12         19 March 2019
Java SE 13         17 September 2019

Many people think that Java have 4 Version is the same but not… Java Version was also released from time to time, so how many versions of Java have been released so far.
So this is the Java version that has been released so far.

Java started in this way and now you can do so much with the use of this language.

How Java Works 

If you want to learn Java Programming Language, then first you need to know how this language works.

working process of java

When compiling a program of Java, the program does not change completely in Machine Language and change to an Intermediate Language called Java Bitecodes, this code can be run on any operating system and any processor.

The compilation of a Java program occurs only once, but whenever the Java program is run, there is an interpretation of that program, Java Bitecodes can be called Machine Code of Java Virtual Machine (Jvm).

Do you know Java Features, let's know that too.

Features Of Java 

The reason for being such a popular and useful programming language is its great features.

Java is the first programming language (language) that is not tied to any hardware or any operating system, Java is a Platform Independent Programming Language.

This means that we can run Java Programming Software on many other operating systems such as Linux or Macintosh without any change.

Java 8 Features

1) This is Simple Programming Language

Java is a more secure language than other language, in this language, after all the code is compiled, it is converted to Bitecode so Java is very safe language.

2) Software can be made with this java programming language

By using create software Java Programming Language we can create Distributed Software, this means a software that can work on different computers connected to a network simultaneously.

3) This is a secure Programming Language

Java is a very strong programming language. Java uses strong memory management, with the use of pointers in Java being very low, thereby reducing its security.

4) Java is a Fast Programming Language

Java is very Fast Programming Language, but Java is slightly Slow in Compiled Language like C ++ but we cannot speak Java as Slow Language because Java is very fast as compared to all other programming languages.

5) Java is also Dynamic Programming Language

There are more Dynamic Programming languages ​​than Java C and C ++. Variables and classes written in Codes in Java are Alocate in Run Time. Because of which more memory is not used.

6)  Multithreaded (Can do more than one task)

Java is a Multithreaded Programming Language. Java programs can do many tasks at the same time.

7) Builds Architectural Neutral Format

Java Compiler creates Architectural Neutral Object File Format which makes Compile Code like Execute. The code compiled from this can be run on any machine.

8) It is usable and portable

Being a platform independent, it is very portable.
Java is the world's most popular Programming Language in 2020 and Java Software is the most used to make all commercial software. Java is the most used Programming Language today due to so many features in Java.

Let us now know how you can teach this language.

How to Learn Java Programming 

It is a very successful programming language whose popularity is increasing day by day.Today this language is used in many works.how to learn java
So let's know Java Programming after learning Java language?

Understand its basics: To learn anything new, it is important to understand its basics. This is the best way to learn any programming language. To understand its basics, you can take online help like you can read Java Tutorial.

So clear the basics of Java Programming Language. Examples of Basic Java such as Loops, Functions, Classes, Objects Arrays etc.

Pay attention to theory as well: You can also get help with theory. For this, you can take help of Books. But even completely you read Depends on Java and related books.

Do not try to understand all things at once. After taking some time, understand the code and practice it continuously.

Regularly read about java: Continuously read various topics of Java and try to explore it as much as possible.This will help you in maintaining the interest of Java.

Communicate with another student of Java: You can take help of those who have taught Java language. Who is already Expert in this Programming Language. Ask whatever questions you have related to whatever problem you are facing.

Learning Coding is Tough, which you can not just teach alone, for this you will need an experienced people.

Group Study: Group Study is a very good way to learn Java. With this, you get to know new things and everyone gives their different ideas on Topic.

You can also present your Idea and discuss your problem at the same time, then form a group with those people who are learning Java language.

Create Small Programs: Once you are completely configured with Basic Stuff, Keywords and Concepts, now you can create Basic Java Program.

Create program then download Java, for the first time it will be a bit tough, but when you create the program again for the second time, it will become easy for you and the mistake you have made earlier will not be done the second time.

Create Advance Programs using Java API: Once you complete creating Basic Program and you are completely Comfortable to create Java Program (Basic Program) then after that you now have Java Collection and Java IOS Hard work has to be done to learn Java API inside.

Start exploring the various classes and interfaces included in these API and start creating programs for them.

Create Web Application and Desktop Application: Now this step will give you the Confidence which have to face Java Interview Questions. Because after that you are ready to create Web Application and Desktop Application.

If you are facing any kind of problem, then you can take the help of Experts. Read all the good materials that will help you in finding the solution. Read the books that are related to your concept.

Friends, by following these steps mentioned above, you learned Java Programming 

This was the information of Java language which you got here.

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