How To Monetize Your Writing Skills And Start A Blog

How To Monetize Your Writing Skills and start A Blog

How To Monetize Your Writing Skills And Start A Blog

If you're good with words, blogging remains an option to make money, albeit your content speaks volumes. Here's a guide to help you thru .You're reading Entrepreneur India, a world franchise of Entrepreneur Media.After social media became the flavour of the town, and took over because the platform for all kinds of content that a mean person consumes, blogs, which were erstwhile a popular kind of expression on the online , took a backseat. Essentially an online site that mainly focuses on written content, blogs are easy to require care of .If you're good with words, blogging remains an option to make money, albeit your content speaks volumes. Here’s a guide to help you thru .

The Basics:-

Although writing is among the foremost important skills that a blogger must possess, passion topples that. When starting a blog and considering the millions out there, it is vital to be extremely enthusiastic to your blog’s subject.What you would like to ask yourself is: why would someone read your blog? Offer something different and unique.The next step is to remain honing your writing skills. Writing more is clearly going to help during this regard but read all kinds of content, learn new techniques of writing, and remember to be conversational. A conversational kind of writing helps keep your audience stay .Once you've selected a topic and your kind of writing, subsequent thing to undertake to to is research. you'll not be an expert in your field, or might just be, but choose a topic that you simply simply feel hasn’t been talked about within the quite detail that people would adore to look at . it's getting to take days to weeks to months, but to provide something different, you would like to churn out all bit of data .Use the likes of Facebook, Twitter and spend some money on paid ads if you deem necessary. After you've your initial base of readers, word of mouth is vital to grow.

Setting Up:-

There are several different websites that let you acknowledged a blog for free of charge of charge , including Blogger Wordpress, Tumblr and thus the relatively new ones like Medium.All of them have different templates and features, so you would like to try to to test runs on a minimum of a few of before zeroing on one.If it is a free blog, you'd have a subdomain attached to the name of your blog. to urge obviate those, of those different sites offer paid plans to buy for a custom name . If you'd wish to start out afresh without taking help from any of these blog publishing services, go ahead and hire a contract website designer.


Blogging is perhaps the foremost cost effective things to undertake to to even today in terms of initial investment, with free sites allowing you to practically start for free of charge of charge .While for these different blog publishers, you've different pricing depending upon the premium plan you decide on or even if you're just buying a custom name , hiring someone to make your website could cost anywhere between INR 5k to INR 10k. Buying an internet site name could cost you as little as INR 1k a year while hosting a simple website would come to about INR 2.5k a year. The designer’s charges would vary depending upon your requirements.


How To Monetize Your Writing Skills And Start A Blog

The first step should be to possess a google adsense account and put that initial traffic to use with pay per click ads. After you've enough traction to attract advertisers, rent out space on your blog for potential advertisers.If you're writing a blog and have an opportunity for potential product placement, approach relevant companies and compute a paid collaboration. they might even be willing to sponsor that specific post.In case you are doing not want to depend on ad revenue and if your loyal readers are willing to pay, use a service like Patreon. it's getting to seem fairly difficult but several popular bloggers and even YouTubers operate this way .

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