How To Become a Junior Software Developer in 2020

How To Step Up Your Game as a Junior Developer in 2020

It is not surprising as junior developer doesn’t have the same amount of knowledged as most experienced developers. As a junior developer, you should be looking to close the knowledge gap with the mid-level and senior developers.

Start by learning the fundamentals of software development. There’s no growth without relying on a strong foundation. You need to really get to know the programming language framework you’re working with. Spend a good amount of time studying and practicing the basics of your field.
The great thing about this is that you can do it on your own and at your own pace. Get to know design patterns and how you can implement them. Start reading games book or knowledge up on  performance, security, etc. Fiddle around with automated testing. Just don’t stop learning and getting your hands dirty.

What really helps with this is having a side project that you can use as a sandbox to try new things. If you’re having trouble finding a side project you want to work on, you might want to take a look at this article I’ve written. The problems you’ll run into doing these passion projects will foster yourself to solve problems and grow. If don’t want to work on your own passion projects, you could still decide to contribute to open source.

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you should keep in mind knowledge isn’t the only thing that’s different between the junior and senior developer — it’s just one of the things. Though, expanding your knowledge never hurt anyone.

“Knowledge has a beginning but no end.” — Geeta Iyengar

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